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    Chrome is my default browser, running Windows Vista. It started a couple of Chrome versions ago: when I wanted to send the print version of a web page (following a print preview) to the Bulldog PDF Printer, Chrome simply closed down. Now it happens everytime: I don;t get as far as selecting the printer; I simply click the Print button, or do CTRL-P, Chrome simply shuts down.

    Does anyone else have this? Has anyone a reason or solution?

    Many thanks

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    I found the following at another web site ....

    What kind of printer are you using? What make and model computer are you using? Have you tried posting your crash report to the Chromium website at

    FYI, the Chromium website is monitored by Google employees in order to provide rapid feedback to your issues, so you will likely have your problem solved much quicker by submitting your posts there. Of course, they can only do so much if they don't have adequate information to isolate your particular problem. If you have read enough of these forums, you will realise that not all chrome printing crashes are caused by the same thing. Some have issues with Epson printers, while others have issues with conflicting software (such as Asus WebStorage), etc. Don't be one of the many who complain that Google is not fixing your problem, while not giving Google the necessary info to actually address it. If they fixed my crashing issue in under 20 minutes, then I'm sure they can fix yours, given the right information. Even if they cannot immediately, getting enough crash reports from different users will help them identify commonalities between different users to narrow down and single out the culprit.

    If you don't know how to get your Crash Report ID, follow this link:

    The web site I found that info is Constant crashing when trying to print.


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