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    I've the latest version of Firefox. When I left Firefox open for a while, I lose my ability to connect to the web. I still have an internet connection; I just can't connect to any website. I've been able to resolve this by rebooting.

    The other night, I left Firefox up overnight and now cannot restore web connectivity. The kicker is, being deaf, I cannot call Qwest for tech support and the wife ahs been too busy to call. So while I'm waiting, I thought I'd see if anyone has an idea as to why FF seems to kill web connectivity. IE8 is fine.

    This is an odd thing and I don't know enought about networking and web connectivity to figure this out on my own. I've rebooted, shut down, power cycled, to no avail. Ipconfig shows all is good.

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    Just curious ... Have you recently upgraded to FF 3.6.12 ? Did the problems start after the upgrade?
    Some upgraders to FF 3.6.12 are reporting problems with the new version.

    In FF take a look at Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>Settings
    I have cable internet service and mine is set as "Use system proxy settings"

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    If this is still an issue, you might try setting up a new Firefox profile. This will be a blank configuration with no customizations and no history, but you can import your bookmarks into it. If the new profile works correctly, there may be a settings problem in your current profile, or a troublesome add-on.

    More info: Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base and Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base.

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