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Thread: Adobe problems

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    XP with SPS3 -
    My computer was really nice and fast until I finally gave in and let Windows run all the startup junk.
    Then, to compound my problems, I allowed Adobe to install a whole bunch of updates..........That did it.
    The machine is now running and starting up as slow as old Win95 with dial up ! Arrrggghhh.
    Since I've never figured out what all that startup stuff is, I was allowing only two to start: Rundll, and the Avast security.
    Before the last download, Adobe was running: Photoshop 5.0, AIR, Player 10 Active X, Player 10 plugin, and Reader 9.4.1.
    I don't know what they do either, and trying to get an answer from Adobe is almost as bad as trying to talk to Microsoft. Horrible experience.

    How much of Adobe can I dump without it affecting overall performance?
    I've gone back to allowing only the two Startup items, so now I'm convinced that the problem is Adobe.
    Thanks for past help.

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    I assume you use something like Autoruns for Windows to view and manage startup.

    At least one of the Adobe items is to check for updates, and another preloads Adobe Reader so first access is faster. Not sure what the others do. Depending on your usage patterns, you may not want those.

    Photoshop's services appears to mostly deal with monitoring file adds/moves to maintain your library, and perhaps plug-and-play. If you don't care about these features, you may not need that service.

    Regarding Flash, it is used so widely on the web that you probably need to keep it installed and updated. AIR not so much, but there are a few apps that require it.

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    Actually you don't need any of the Adobe items listed in your startup. I have them all unchecked.
    Thanks John
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