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    I have a .DOT file that sets WordStar keystrokes for Word. Our office has a new doc management system that uses ^K for one of its macros. If I unassign ^K from this macro, my macros work fine (e.g. ^KD to close a doc). However, the ^K kept being reassigned to the doc management system macro, so I recorded a macro that I thought would remove the ^K assignment. However, it seems to have killed ^K across the board and I can't figure out how to get ^K to work at all now in Word. Here is the code:

    Sub TurnOffHumCtrlK()
    CustomizationContext = NormalTemplate
    FindKey(BuildKeyCode(wdKeyK, wdKeyControl)).Disable
    End Sub

    I've tried using other arguments instead of Disable (e.g., Enable), but that doesn't seem to work (I just get an error).

    Any suggestions on how to re-enable ^K?



    P.S. I posted this in the wrong thread. I meant to put it in a Word thread. However, not sure how to move it now or I would. ;-)

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    Please continue discussion here: [topic=779991]Macro to Unassign Keyboard Assignment[/topic].

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