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    I have very little understanding of the hardware and equally little understanding of related drivers. I am a computer user so forgive me if I make basic mistakes in the following!

    I have a purpose built tower running Windows 7 and Office 2007, access to the internet is via a wireless router connected to a collegues network nect door. The dongle is using Netgeat WH111T.

    When I first started using this router I input the use of European English and followed the defaults. Selecting the ISP the household uses. For the first few weeks I had no further need to enter the details. In the last week I have had to reenter the detaile EVERY time I switch on and I want to know why! Also what do I need to do to return to the days of not having to enter all of the deatils!
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    Odd that Windows has forgotten the wireless set up, although your description sounds a little more complex that connecting to a wireless router.
    Can you tell us what program is asking for those details?

    Connecting to a wireless router should only require you to go to the Network section in Control Panel, list available wireless networks and enter the password - assuming there is one.

    cheers, Paul

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