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    Split Database (1997)

    I have a database that I have split. The back-end is on a server and the front-end I have saved onto a CD and am trying to load it onto a desktop. It would however appear that I can not open the front-end from the CD and I don't seem to have linked table manager installed. Would any body know if I can somehow reconnect my database to the server?

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    Re: Split Database (1997)

    I presume you are simply copying the .mdb file from the CD to your hard drive. If so, you need to turn off the read-only property for the file on your hard-drive. Then go in and use the Linked Table manager to reconnect to your backend. If you are using Access2k, for whatever reason, MS didn't make the Linked Table manager a default install, so you will need to install it first.

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    Re: Split Database (1997)

    Thanks - I'll try it <img src=/S/bravo.gif border=0 alt=bravo width=16 height=30>

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