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    I have loaded the Office 2002 package on my Windows 7 Home Edition System and Frontpage 2003.

    Recently the Windows Update system has tried unsuccessfully to to run the Office 2003 SP3 update.

    I was unable to find what previous versions of Windows Update allowed which was called "Hide" to keep an update from being offered so I contacted Windows Support for how to do this in Windows 7 and they sent me instructions for locating the dialog to to "Hide" the update.

    The problem is it only did this for one update cycle and the next time updates were checked for it tried to run it again.

    Has anyone found a solution for this or should I just turn off Automatic updates and de-selected it every time?

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    All I've had to do is have Windows Update search for updates then right click any update I don't want to see and select "Hide Update". I don't recall ever seeing an update again after doing this. If you are having problems try going to Start, right click "Windows Update" and select "Run As Administrator" then hide the udates you don't want to see.


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