i have two folders. I believe the first one is the "primary" folder (how can I check this out?)
I would like to "copy" the contacts from the second folder into the first (i'm too chicken to "move")
I'm worried about how outlook handles duplicate contacts, especially since I have a funky file-as field which I use in a similar manner to categories - I will be guaranteed duplicate file-as fields
(hey - it's not my design)
(i have a separate post requesting info about how contacts handles duplicates)
I would like to create a third temporary folder.
I would like to create a pst of my first and second folders and import the first folder into the clean new folder and then import the second folder.
I'm not sure what will happen (theoretically if i have 2000 contacts in my first folder and 500 in my second, i should wind up with 2500 contacts)
I'm guessing that the third folder will have to be massaged (duplicates and heaven knows what else). When I'm complete, I would like to make the third folder my primary one, but i'm scared of ending up with no primary data.
Sorry for rambling on, but I wanted to give the complete background
Any comments about my suggested plan and any anticipated problems?