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    I have been using Opera for about a year or more and love it.
    However I find that Opera has MANY problems connecting to certain sites and functioning on certain sites such as making purchases and DLing files, etc.
    I am told this has pretty much been the norm.
    The OLDER version of Opera could work with AOL webmail..........the next to most current version I am using has problems.

    However, that is not the main issue..............MY QUESITON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I installed the most current version of Firefox and am learning to use it .
    I went to IMPORT my Opera BOOKMARKS .
    I click on the IMPORT button and choose "from Opera" but NOTHING appears in the box,
    I click on FINISH or OK or IMPORT -whatever the right choice is - and get a message that BOOKMARKS HAVE BEEN IMPORTED SUCCESSFULLY.

    I go to choose a bookmarked site, and there is NOTHING there.
    I tried to import the BOOKMARKS several times and it "says" they were imported but nada, zippo, nothing !!!

    I am only an experienced newbie, but am I doing something wrong ????

    Thanks in advance.

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    Arthur, when in Opera, click file>import/export> favourites/bookmarks then save as .html Then they can be added to FF. from 'bookmarks'

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