The latest free version of the popular anti-malware tool may be downloaded from Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Free Download and Reviews - Fileforum.

The latest changes from the same page:- Overall Improvements:

1. Dramatically improved scan speed: up to 5 times faster

2. Dramatically improved stability of both the scanner and protection module (paid version only)

3. More responsive: program loads up to 3 times faster, and protection module has lower impact on system resources (paid version only)

4. New internal detection algorithms enable detection of more real-world malware

New Features:

1. You can now add files and folders to the ignore list manually

2. Ability to schedule and unschedule scans and updates from the command line (paid version only)

3. Notifications of blocked malicious websites now include additional details such as type, port, and process on Windows Vista and higher

4. Ability to include or exclude potentially unwanted programs (PUP), potentially unwanted system modifications (PUM), and peer-to-peer software (P2P) from scans and protection module etections

5. Dramatically improved flash scan (paid version only) -- designed to determine whether a more in-depth scan is needed, in less than 10 seconds on many machines

6. One-touch easy-to-use option to keep protection up-to-date automatically (paid version only)

7. "Warn if database is outdated by:" option now warns if the database is far out-of-date (7 days by default), including for protection (paid version only)

8. Ability to scan system startup locations for improved detection and to target persistent malware that may be obstructing removal

9. Right-click context menu scans now use heuristics

Issues Fixed:

1. Improved compatibility with antivirus software

2. Fixed issue with "Recover if missed by" setting in scheduler not working correctly on Windows 2000 and Windows XP

3. Fixed issue with "Recover if missed by" setting in scheduler not working for scans and updates scheduled to run 'Once'

4. Fixed issue with Heuristics.Shuriken causing the program to freeze or crash

5. Fixed issue with certain infections going undetected by the protection module in 64-bit Windows versions

6. Fixed issue with silent scans not creating logs in certain scenarios

NOTE: The paid version at Malwarebytes still says version 1.46.