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    Somehow IE8 has a corrupted file location to search where my Favorites are stored. The folder itself is intact, because I can double click on a "Favorite" website from "My Computer" and go directly to the website. Clicking on the yellow star on the IE8 bar gives me an error message stating the folder it is looking for - C:\Users\Martha\Downloads\Favorites\Favorites. IE8 has added the 2nd iteration of a "Favorites" folder. The correct location for Favorites presently (and formerly) is C:\Users\Martha\Downloads\Favorites. Is there some place in IE8 I can go to re-write the file location? Or is there some other solution? Clicking on a URL and adding it to Favorites, puts the addition in the correct location.

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    Hi Martha, welcome to The Lounge.
    Go to the site giving you the wrong location and re save as a favourite. Windows will over write it if given same name, if named differently just delete old entry.
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