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    I have always experienced window size inconsistencies in all versions of Windows but now that this is also occuring in Windows 7 I need to ask for some help. It's now become a pet peeve of mine. This not only occurs in Internet E xplorer but also in the Office 10 applications. Is there anyone out there that has an answer for this nuisance. I would like the windows to open at max all the time.

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    Any program you start from a Shortcut can be forced to open Maximized using the dropdown on the Properties menu, see below.

    Note: This will not work with system generated shortcuts like those for IE & Office Apps. You can create your own shortcuts for these and it will work as shown.
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    Internet Explorer will be a different matter. Follow RetiredGeek's advice for the original IE icon, then;

    Opening Internet Explorer Full Size
    Ever notice sometimes you right-click on a link and open a new window and it's not full screen? This usually occurs because IE remembers
    the last window size when closed. Many times a background pop-up will do this too, if it is the last window closed.
    To resize the window and regain control:

    Close all instances of Internet Explorer except for one.
    Right-click on a link in the page and select: "Open in New Window"
    Close the first browser window using the [ X ] (upper right corner)
    Resize the window manually by dragging the sides to the desired size.
    Note: Do NOT click the Maximize button, you must do it manually.
    Hold down the Ctrl key and click the Close button (upper right)
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