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    I am looking for a way to apply a new envelope style to documents that are already saved.

    Unfortunately, I am working with an office that does "Save As" instead of templates/new documents. The files are saved without envelopes. When an envelope is added to a document the default format of the envelope address is Times New Roman. The normal document has a revised Envelope Address style that uses Times New Roman. I'm looking for a simple way for the revised style to be applied, rather than the user having to format the envelope manually. The list of styles includes many style names, as Word has created styles based on formatting already applied.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    The Style Organizer lets you import a style definition from another document or template and overwrite the one in the document. That could be automated with a macro. But if only one style is affected, perhaps it would be easier to write a macro to directly change the style definition?

    (The part about opening saved files, modifying, and closing them, is common to many past threads and you or someone else could borrow code from those for that part.)

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