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    It is not all roses:

    "False Start is a nice technology because unlike many communication
    improvements, it requires an improvement to the browser but not to the other end
    of the line. But there's a wrinkle: some Web sites can't handle False Start, and
    they don't fail gracefully.

    Thus, Chrome has a blacklist
    to disable the feature for these sites. According to the Chrome source code,
    that list is 5,106 sites long so far."

    Once this technology is perfected, and more widely accepted I'm sure you will see it incorporated into more browsers. They all seem to follow each other with these new and exciting things.

    There are still 2 problems I have with Chrome that makes it my second choice. 1. The Lounge does not load my sign on info automatically from Last Pass (There are probably other sites as well) 2. After I read a thread or post to a thread, When I use the back button, Chrome does not auto refresh the original page, requiring me to manually refresh. These are both hinderances I can work around, but cause me to still choose IE.

    I do use IE 9 beta and Chrome 9 beta (latest build)
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