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    I am just an experienced newbie who has XP and Opera 10.60. I know they are up to version 10.63 and have an 11 beta version .

    Fairly recently I have been getting the message Bad Request ( Invalid Header Name ) when I click on links.

    For instance I was looking to DL the newest Opera on the FileHippo site and could view the DESCRIPTION with no problem.
    I click on the TECHNICAL button and get the error message. Try several times and get same message.
    I click on CHANGE LOG and sometimes it works and others the button does not work.

    I also have been getting a number of medium shade blue circles ( large and small ) with a white arrow pointing to the right.
    I hover the mouse over it and get a message about DLing a PLUGIN to view things.

    Might either of these or both of them be related to some Adobe or Flash plugin that is missing ??
    Might it be related to not having XP3 installed - doubt it since everything worked well until about a month or two ago.
    I assume coding on webpages is changing and my puter is missing something, but WHAT ??

    Thanks for any help.

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    I just read your question looking for the solution to this problem, but noted that no one had replied. Since then I tried turning the Turbo off in Opera I have not received the message again.

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