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    Hi everyone. I have a friend who has this PC - The stock mobo is dead so we had the idea of replacing it. These guys have very limited funds so we're trying to find just a mobo that will work with his processor and memory. The problem is that the processor and memory are all a few years old and I'm not finding any mobo's that say they specifically support either his PC2-3200 memory or his Pentium 4 630 socket 775 processor. Everything I find says it's the right slot for the processor but the lowest type of processor it says it supports is usually something like Pentium D. Here's an example mobo:

    Can you tell me if the memory he's using now would work in a mobo that takes DDR 800 MHz and above and if the mobo above would take his processor?

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    Cross posting is a no-no unless you reference your other posts. We want to help, but if it has already been answered elsewhere....

    Beware you don't have a dead CPU as well. In this case replacing the mobo and CPU will mean newer CPU and replacement memory.
    As it's an HP you may have trouble sourcing a replacement mobo except from HP. Check the mounting holes and the power connectors very carefully before committing to a new mobo.

    cheers, Paul

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