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    I don't know if you can help me with this but I really need some help here. I've installed an application on my BlackBerry 9700 smartphone. After installing it restarted itself, and now my computer won't recognize my memory card that is on my phone, so I can't even download things to my PC and then transfer them to my phone.

    I've tried to turn my phone off and then back on, to remove the battery and the memory card(while the phone was turned off) and put them back, to restart my PC, even deleted the application from my phone, but nothing helped. The thing is that before installing this application my PC recognized the memory card without any problem whatsoever.

    Any solution? Maybe it's a problem with Windows 7 and/or a driver?


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    I would first try to uninstall the app on the Blackberry and see if the functionality is restored. If not, the answer is a bad memory card. These memory cards do go bad. You might also try to install a different memory card (These cards are very inexpensive) to see if your PC reconizes the new memory card. This would also answer the question. Lastly, perhaps your Blackberry desktop app has somehow become corrupted. May need to uninstall / reinstall.
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