Hi to all the Outlook experts.

I am using Outlook 2007 and converted my 2003 file to 2007 format.

In Contacts, I open a contact and look in ‘All Fields’.
The ‘Select From’ drop-down box shows “User-defined fields in this item”
The screen shows a field name ‘Cards’ with a value in it for this contact.

When I choose a contact for whom there is no value in the field, the screen shows no user-defined fields.

Here’s my problem:

I cannot locate this field to show it in my current view. When I go to Customise Current View, this field ‘Cards’ cannot be found under any guise, nor can I find its data. In Outlook 2003 I could locate and sort by this field.

Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received. I suspect that I lost access to this info when I converted the file.