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    Line charts don't display or print correctly (2000 and XP)

    I've got a series of line charts from an end user that refuse to display or print properly. The problem is with the dotted, dashed, and other lines with breaks. I've changed the line weight and style options for dashed, dotted, and everything in between with mixed results. Some charts update and print correctly with very light weight, dashed lines, some do not. Some print dotted lines ONLY with the lightest weight lines. Some do not change at all no matter what I do. I've got machines running XL2000 and XLXP, and XP has the most success. I tried checking and unchecking the Smooth Lines option with varying degrees of success. I cannot discern a pattern for why it works or doesn't.

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    Re: Line charts don't display or print correctly (2000 and XP)

    Possibly the problem lies in the printer end of things. Have you tried using different printers to see if the problem persists. Tweaking the printer driver settings may help, and if not try getting an updated printer driver, which may be available from the manufacturer's website.

    Andrew C

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    Re: Line charts don't display or print correctly (2000 and XP)

    Thanks for the tip Andrew. I'll check into that. I am pretty sure we are using different printers but I'll make sure.

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