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    Synchronizing Task List Between 2 Machines w/Palm (Outlook 2000)

    I would love to know a simple, foolproof way to copy my task list from my
    office machine to my home machine. I currently have a Palm IIIxe running
    Frankling Planner for Outlook, and I can't tell you how miserable it is each
    time I synch from one machine to the other -- either I have numerous
    (hundreds) of duplicates on both machines (that quickly become
    quadruplicates, etc. growing geometrically), or I have to delete the dupes
    manually throughout (no, Undupe doesn't catch them all, or even most). I
    would rather do my synch, then overwrite the task list with a copy from the
    other machine. Then I know it is exactly what I was working on at the other
    location and not full of dupes.

    Can you help?

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    Re: Synchronizing Task List Between 2 Machines w/Palm (Outlook 2000)

    PDAs aren't really intended for this. The 3-4 sync. tools I'm familiar with don't track enough information on the items to identify existing items and handle the item IDs appropriately. You might try exporting and importing the tasks. You'd want to use the PST file format. But my guess is that won't work either.

    This is the kind of thing Net folders was intended to do. Lots of people use this, but it's buggy and went away in the latest version of Outlook.

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    Re: Synchronizing Task List Between 2 Machines w/Palm (Outlook 2000)

    Or, after you've synced from computer1 to the handheld, change the syncing options on computer2 by opening the Hotsync manager, select Custom, select Outlook Tasks, Change, and select Handheld Overwrites Desktop. This will work as long as you don't have information you've added to computer2 prior to the sync that you want to keep.

    Syncing one PDA between two computers is not an adviseable practice as OldDog mentioned. Very slight differences in the data will produce what look like duplicates on the face, but are independent entries to syncing software, and it can be tough isolating what the difference in the data is on two separate machines. I had one client that would do a sync with a second machine and every single appointment was duplicated without fail. We discovered that one machine was set to Pacific Standard Time and the other to MST, and although the clocks were identical, one set of appointments were one hour after the other. It's difficult knowing what your exact problem is without examining the data in detail.

    I've also found that changing syncing software helps - some are just better than others. Check out <A target="_blank" HREF= ew=expanded&sb=5&o=0&fpart=>this discussion</A> on the Other OSes board. I see that you've posted this question to that board as well - maybe this thread should be moved over since it's a Hotsync issue rather than an Outlook issue.

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