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    Good morning,

    I'm using Outlook V14..0.5128.5000 (32-bit) that ships as part of Office Professional Plus 2010. I'm using this on a Home PC to retrieve/Send EMail from my ISP's EMail Server, so every x-minutes it sends/receives EMail from the EMail server then disconnects. After upgrading to this latest version of Outlook, I am now having a problem where I get a pop-up box stating "Connecting to Server" and Outlook is then locked for just a few seconds to several minutes at a time. And it happens frequently enough to be really annoying. With the limited access that I have on Microsoft website, I've done some queries but found nothing. Anyone have any idea what is causing this and more importanly how to resolve the problem?

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    StartTask Manager and look at the Processes. Sort the processes by the cpu column, with the highest cpu usage being at the top. Try to connect up with your email server and see if there is anything that may be meddling with your connection attempt, such as AV software or the firewall. That's a good place to start your investigation and we can move on from there.
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    Could this be related to the "problem" security update from the other day? Check out these threads reporting issues with that update:

    KB2412171 broke Secure Password Authentication
    Outlook 2007 sluggish after 12/14 patches
    Outlook 2007 slow switching folders after 12/14
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