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    Ever since 1990 I've been a faithful Microsoft user. At that time I also had little choice (MS-DOS or DR-DOS) because my first professional application software ran in DOS only.

    My first IBM-compatible was an Atari i80286 16 MHz desktop PC with a 40 MB SCSI removable Syquest HDD. Windows 2.0 remained unused, but NEAT.EXE, MS-DOS 4.01 with its DosShell and Norton Utilities allowed me 100% full control of my machine. MS-DOS 5 and 6.22 were improvements, mostly.

    Then came Windows 95, which took away some control with the obscure gobbledyg**k in its registry. Still, its underlying MS-DOS 7 allowed me enough control to tweak my machine. Afterwards Windows 98 and 98SE on top of MS-DOS 8 increased functionality, mostly USB, without really limiting my control.

    But then the trend took a sharp wrong turn with Windows XP. It started limiting my access to certain folders and functions.

    That condescending trend by Microsoft intensified with Vista, which considers me an ignoramus, computerwise.

    And now, having butted heads with Windows 7, I find that it takes away a lot more administrator control, exasperatingly more.

    I've been MUCH TOO faithful a Microsoft user. With Windows 7 my goat has finally been taken once too often. NO MORE.

    I'm very seriously considering migrating to Linux.

    As for old databases (patient records from before my retirement) which I need to be able to access until I die, hey, I'll just keep an older standalone Windows 98SE computer or 2 around (NOT connected to anything).

    From then on, for all I care, Microsoft can go make amorous passes at Leopards, Chromiums, and/or Horsehead Nebula Clouds.

    I might reconsider though, but only if Microsoft were to construct and release a strictly single user OS, allowing full, 100 % control. I hope they name it "Bachelor 1.01" or "Diogenes 2011" or "Julius Caesar Grand Cru" or something similar.

    <end rant>
    E Pericoloso Sporgersi
    "It is Dangerous to Lean Out! [of Windows]"

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    And now, having butted heads with Windows 7, I find that it takes away a lot more administrator control, exasperatingly more.
    I'm very seriously considering migrating to Linux.
    This is interesting as Microsoft is implementing something that has been in place in the Linux philosophy from almost the beginning. Linux has always protected itself by having users run only at the level that they need to do their job. Root or Super User (the linux equivalent of administrator) is NEVER to be used accept for the most drastic of operating system configuration. Ever since I started dabbling in Linux I thought that MS would do well to copy that page out of the Linux design philosophy. Now that this has happened many people are thinking "maybe I should go to Linux".

    If you want full Windows control (and insecurity). You can activate the Administrator account (this account is inactive by default) and always log in with it. You will never again be asked to give administrator access to a program install and will have circumvented a good deal of the safety net built into windows.....

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    Yes, when all there was was DOS you could crash and turn off your machine and then back on and all was fine.

    My first PC was a XT that I paid 1500.00 for and didn't have a hard drive.
    When I bought a hard drive for it it was a 40MB Seagtae and it cost about 350.00...

    I made my own menu using batch files to run programs and had a modem so I could connect to all the free BBS that was out there and used thier email using Bluewave mail reader which I loved...

    Only had 3 colors and because the net was so slow most BBS gave you the option to turn off color so things would load faster.
    "If You Are Reading This In English, Thank A VET"

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    MS has to make their software usable and safe for a vast number of users, most Linux distros do not. Therein lies the difference. Win 7 is set to run for tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of PCs, many if not most of which are weilded by novice users. They have to design their software the way it is designed. That's why there are so many ways to customize Win 7, which many of us have done very nicely. To quote another well known quote, "You can have my Win 7 when you can pry it from my cold dead hands!" Sorry for the minor modification of this famous quote.

    I did try Linux, and it is not for me. I love Win 7 and will not give it up, perhaps until Win 8 arrives.
    Have a Great Day! Ted

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    As for your records, don't overlook the reliability and practicality to the non-computer user of hard copy stored in a safe place that is known to others in the family, which they can retrieve in a timely fashion if needed. That might give you some time you might not otherwise have.

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