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    Word Automatic Numbering (2000)

    I'd like to use VBA to control Automatic Numbering in Word 2000, specifically to stop Word cancelling automatic numbering when I press Enter twice. I like blank lines between my numbered items.

    I know I can press Shift + Enter then Enter to achieve this, but if my text is justified (which it always is), then the final line of each numbered item is spread out to the right margin. Again, I know I can defeat this by pressing Tab before Shift+Enter, but I'd really like to insert some code so I can just press Enter twice.

    Surely someone out there has cracked this one? I await an avalanche of replies!

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    Re: Word Automatic Numbering (2000)

    Best bet: Use Word as it is intended. Instead of putting returns between paragraph, select your numbered list (without the extra returns) and hit Format-Paragraph. In the Space before/after, put 6 and 6. This emulates a paragraph return between each item. You could create a style in your file called "Numbers". Just format a group of paragraphs in a new document like I've described above--and numbered, and hit Format-Style-New. Type in Numbers as the name, make sure you check "Add to template". Hit the Shortcut key button, hit Alt-B (or similar meaningful shortcut). Hit OK. When you close Word, if you're asked to save, say yes.

    Anytime you want the numbered list, you should be able to hit Alt-B and type away.

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    Re: Word Automatic Numbering (2000)

    Hi bb2,

    Use formatted space between the paragraphs instead. You can use <Ctrl Zero> (0 on main keyboard) to toggle 12 pts of space between the paragraphs or go to Format/Paragraph and adjust the spacing there. (Ideally you set the paragraph spacing in your Styles.)

    FWIW, I do not use empty paragraphs. This largely depends on whether or not you want to take advantage of all the features Word has to offer.

    Here are a few examples I give the students in my Word computer classes so they can decide.

    If you are happy with:

    - Inserting manual page breaks, deleting them when the document repaginates, and adding them back again. Or better yet, you painstakingly get the layout just right and email it to someone. Invariably they email it to back and tell you "It's all messed up!". You open it and see nothing wrong and think they are either losing their mind or are just trying to make your job more difficult.

    - Adjusting the font size to force text to "fit to" or span a specific number of pages

    - Adding extra steps when editing such as Cut/Copy/Paste, you know, delete the extra paragraph mark and insert it elsewhere

    - Sorting paragraphs, deleting all the empty paragraph marks at the top only to re-insert them back between the paragraphs

    - Cursing Word because it reformats text on you such as when you:
    * Paste a paragraph on a "blank" line and it suddenly reformats
    * Type on a "blank" line only to find the format is not what you expect

    - Posting to the groups with problems that end up being due to using empty paragraphs <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    If you use formatted space between paragraphs then you can:

    - Use the Pagination features found in Format/Paragraph/Line and Page Breaks to control where the text falls on a page and practically do away with manual page breaks. For example it does little good to keep a paragraph with the next one, when the next paragraph is an empty one.

    - Adjust the space between paragraphs to control how much text fits on a page, or "tweak" a couple paragraphs directly when needed

    - Cut/Copy/Sort a paragraph and the space goes with it. Or my favorite, use <Alt Shift Up/Dn> to move the paragraph

    - Have better control over the formatting. Paragraph marks hold formatting - even empty ones

    Oh yeah, and last but not least, control the amout of space between bulleted/numbered lists without the additional hassels. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>
    Cheers! <img src=/S/flags/USA.gif border=0 alt=USA width=30 height=18>

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