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Thread: WHS problem

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    I am having a terrible time with WHS. I just got the software 2 months ago

    My network:
    Cable internet to the house. I have a linksys wcg200 cable gateway (wireless router + cable modem in one) with wireless disabled. from this device there is a cat-6 cable running to a netgear pro 8port UNMANAGED switch.

    from the switch several cat 6 cables connect to the home's wiring (all cat 5-e) the computers connect via additional cat 6 cables at various outlets in the home. at one of the outlets, a linksys wap54g wireless access point is connected.

    it is installed on an older box that i had:

    2gb ram
    asus A8n32sli board
    amd 4400+ processor

    I have 3 pc all running windows 7 ( 2 are professional and 1 is home premium).
    One 7 Pro PC is rarely used and is attached to a TV it will be mainly used to pull stuff off the server. It is hardwired to the network.
    The other 7 pro is also hardwired. i get transfer speeds topping out at 8 Mb/s.

    All PC are less than a year old with much better than average hardware - at least 4gb memory,intel i7 processor, gigabit ethernet.

    The laptop (home premium) has a gigabit card and gets only 2 Mb/s. this connects to the WAP54g mentioned above.

    Things I have done:
    i did this as mentioned above:

    Disable TCP AutoTuning and Receive Side Scaling

    * Open a command prompt with administrator rights. Enter these commands:
    * netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
    * netsh interface tcp set global rss=disabled

    Disable Remote Differential Compression

    * Click Start Control Panel Programs Turn Windows features on or off
    * Uncheck 'Remote Differential Compression' and click OK

    . i also turned off ipv6 as mentioned.

    on the server there is a brand new intel gigabit ct ethernet card, updated firmware.

    i bought brand new cat 6 cables. cat 5 e cables in the wall are not changeable.

    internet speeds are blazing fast at all locations.

    any suggestions?


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    You've provided a detailed description of your network, but haven't provided any details on what problems you're seeing with WHS. Unless it's in a previous post that isn't part of this thread, there isn't enough info here for anyone to help you.

    I'm running WHS 2011 in an environment similar to yours. Other than having to set up port forwarding on my routers manually for Remote Web Access (WHS couldn't automatically set up my double-NAT router configuration) I've had no problems. I'd love to help, but "terrible time with WHS" isn't much to go on.

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    Assuming you have a 100Mb/s switch you would expect a theoretical transfer speed of 10MBytes/s. Is this what you are seeing, or are you seeing Mbits/s?

    cheers, Paul

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