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    I have an HP Pavilion P61164 f computer running Vista home premium 64 bit . It has a 256 gig drive which has 2 factory partions, 1 is primary normal working drive and second partition is a "Recovery Portion". I have had to replace some of the hardware IE video card and network card both were on-board now slot mounted. The Stated purpose of the restore partition is to return to "Factory setup" Since I don't have a totally factory machine, wouldn't this create more problems than just using my Acronis recovery CD? Can the removed partition space be added to the Primary partition?

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    This subject has been covered several times in the Security and Backup forums.A couple are here and here.I know there are others as well. Basically you use a partitioning app to delete the recovery partition, then the partitioning app to recover the unallocated space the deletion of said Recovery Partition creates. I use both Easeus Partition Manager and Partition Wizard. Either will work for you. Win 7 has a built in Disk Manager you can use to delete the Recovery Partition but since most of these partitions are located ahead of the OS the built in app is not capable of recovery the space. You will need a 3rd party app for this.
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    I always delete the recovery partitions once I create a backup Image with Acronis. Once you do that (well, better make sure you have more than one image, just in case), the recovery partition is no longer of much use.

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    Since I don't have a totally factory machine, wouldn't this create more problems than just using my Acronis recovery CD?
    It does not creat more problems, you just reinstall the after-OEM components after the recovery if Vista doesn't do it automatically or through Windows Update optional updates. However if you've made an up-to-date image with everything installed, that is the preferred recovery option, especially if the recovery partition dates back to pre SP1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Diebold View Post
    Can the removed partition space be added to the Primary partition?
    Hello... You can indeed remove it ...But i would recommend that you "Image" It first. ...Why you ask...??? Well , here are my reasons
    1. If you need for some reason to do a absolute clean install .. no "MS" or updates, or patches have it to work from .. EX: MS decides to "sneak in some "Big Brother " Patch.. even if you have things set not to ( without your consent ) They have done this in the past . So... you can recover to a time before any Patches or Updates (PU'S) and then switch off Patches and Updates etc.... Just my "paranoid" few cents worth.
    2. Or (non paranoid ) you decide to give away your PC ...then revert back to original condition. Regards Fred

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    I definately agree with Fred on this one, back it up so that it can be replaced when and if needed.

    One of the sad facts about store bought computers these days is the OEM disk and or partition.
    Check your partition to see if it can be made into a bootable slipstreamed DVD disk that will reflect the hardware changes you have made. This would
    be an intensive & laborious task at best, if at all possible.

    My preference would be to do away with Vista completely and purchase a Windows 7 upgrade DVD and do a clean install, not an upgrade install.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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