I have a MacBook Pro with VMWare Fusion. Everyday I boot into OS X and run some Windows apps via VMWare Fusion. I used to boot directly into Windows a few times a week and work, and everything was fine. But now it has been a few months since I booted directly into Windows, and I need to b/c I'll be going home for the holidays and doing Windows stuff. Now my internet isn't being recognized when I boot directly into Windows. I'm trying wireless and also with a LAN cable. I also did the XP network repair option, but no luck.

I want to reset my network card so I can boot into Windows and be on the internet. Any ideas why I lost this? Also, I'm worried that once I fix it, I could possible lose my VMWare network connectivity when I"m booted into Mac. So I'm nervous about proceeding b/c it seems like they are both so flakey sometimes.

Thanks for any advice.