We have an all-Apple household, despite which I bought a lifetime subscription to Windows Secrets—for the security and Office updates. Since 2008 we have had an Apple TV, model A1218, software 3.0.2, which is synchronised with a 4GB MacBook Pro running OSX 10.6.5 and iTunes 10.1.1 (4) to which is attached a 1½TB external drive.

Recently iTunes/AppleTV have started deleting shows. We buy a show on the computer, it is synched to the AppleTV, the children watch it once or twice, and then it disappears from both. It isn’t capacity (Apple TV about 75% full; Mac has lots of HD space). Then the children want to watch it again, and it isn’t there.

The problem has been reported to Apple, to no useful effect. And once a problem is reported it is not longer possible to report it again.

There is a candidate cause. The new Apple TVs store nothing permanently; everything is streamed. Could it be that a software update aimed at the new AppleTVs breaks the old? Could that ‘deleting’ code be causing the problem?

Perhaps some Windows Secrets people have expertise in this matter?