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    I am using Internet Explorer, version 7.0.6002.18005, with Vista operating system.
    After I launch IE from a desktop shortcut, or from "All Programs", I am not able to save a web page in my "Favorites". When trying to do so, I get a pop-up-window that says "Windows Internet Explorer, Unable to create 'name of web site', Unspecified error". Adding to Favorites worked fine until a week ago.
    The only way I can make adding to my Favorites work, is to right click my desktop shortcut icon for IE, and select "Run as Administrator". If I do this I can right click a web page and add it to my favorites without getting a pop-up-window error message.
    I don't know what why my ability to add to favorites has changed. I always sign on as administrator.
    Your help and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks
    Also, I opened Start/All Programs and dragged Internet Explorer to my desktop which created a shortcut. I clicked that shortcut to run a web site
    hoping that I could them use that new icon for launching IE and making save to Favorites work. It didn't. Same error message. Now my problem is that Internet Explorer does not appear in Start/All Probrams. I would like IE to appear in my All Programs list. How can I get IE to show again in Start/All Programs?
    Again, thank for your ideas.

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    Some potential solutions from our friends at the Internet Explorer TechCenter forums:

    Hello all,
    Let me propose another solution to this problem:
    1. Export all your favorites to a .htm file using the "File | Import and Export..." function.
    2. Delete (or move to another folder) all your favorites in the Favorites folder.
    3. Import your favorites back to the Favorites folder using the "File | Import and Export..." function.
    This trick worked for me!
    Actually, it's not just about file and folder permissions. I learned through HP tech support that this problem -- the inability to create favorites in IE under Vista -- results from "integrity control" or some such. Even if you have all the seemingly correct file-level permissions, you still can't modify files/folders if the PROGRAM that you are running has the wrong "integrity" setting.
    When IE runs in protected mode, it has "low" integrity, and by default, "low" integrity programs can't modify anything. So IE in protected mode can't modify its own favorites folder! This is incredibly stupid, but here was the solution the HP tech guy gave me:
    1. Open an admin command prompt
    2. navigate to the directory containing your favorites folder (C:\Users\username, unless you have moved it)
    3. Execute this command:
    icacls favorites /setintegritylevel (oi)(ci)low
    You should get a confirmation message saying "processed file: favorites" (and then another line saying something like 1 file processed successfully, 0 files unsuccessfully)
    Hope this helps!
    This worked for me.
    Run cmd as administrator
    I found a quicker way to fix it - just open up the Favorites/properties/security permissions, select your user/group name, click the Edit button and switch full control to 'deny'. Click Apply. then uncheck all of the 'deny' settings, click Apply again, OK all boxes out and.... and then it works.
    The Windows 7 forums:

    Syed VMicrosoft Support, Moderator
    Hi retired_cga,
    The default version of Internet Explorer (IE) in Windows 7 is IE 8. We recommend you to cross check if the version is correct.
    Try these steps and check the result.
    Step 1: Restore Favorites folder to default
    a. Click Start, type %userprofile% and hit enter.
    b. Right click Favorites icon, click Properties.
    c. Click the Location tab.
    d. Click Restore Default button and click OK.
    e. Check if the issue persists.
    Step 2: Run sfc (system file checker) scan to see if any system file is missing or corrupt. To do this, try these steps:
    a. Visit
    b. Run the scan successfully and check the result.
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