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    It happens after I turn on computer.
    It's a desktop, I am using Firefos 3.6, and os is Win XP.

    Computer is new, I mean installed fresh last december ) I have AntiVira free and adaware

    So, the problem is>>>
    Each time I turn on the computer, and start mozilla firefox, surfing stops dor a while. Not long, ca. 30 seconds, and for that time I may gget NOT RESPONDING message, but it goes back to normal after those 30 secodns and it works ok.

    What maight that be.

    I get more and more often messages Catalyst error report.
    It can happen / not so often / that I must @exercise@ my language bar button; I man, I can't change languages, but it helps if I recreate it ny clicking on Settings and so on.

    Do I need fresh reinstalling.
    (My friend did it for me free, shoudl I anyways call som SOS PC clinic shop so that they install all again properly?)


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    A lot of things happen when Firefox starts up that can delay your ability to gain full control of the program. This blog post covers a lot of the usual suspects, such as the gradual accumulation of history, "live" bookmarks, and extensions: How To Make Your Firefox Browser Start Up Faster.

    If there was a sudden slowing, it could be a new bug in a recent update. Or maybe it's a font on your home page? This somewhat technical blog post is interesting on the latter point: Taras’ Blog » Blog Archive » Diagnosing Slow Startup.

    Reinstalling Firefox probably won't make any difference. The reason is that your Firefox settings (bookmarks, preferences) and extensions are stored in your personal profile folder. Reinstalling normally does not delete your profile folder (thankfully!).

    You can test Firefox's "out of the box" speed by creating a new blank profile, and people around the web commonly recommend this as a way to get back up to speed. For "how to" see: Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base. You can move your bookmarks and (selectively) your other settings to the new profile: Transferring data to a new profile - Firefox @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base. Like a new PC, you might need to manually update some settings as well.

    Does that help?

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    I have observed this behavior occasionally in Firefox and on separate occasions found it related to two things:

    a) A mis-behaving Firefox plugin. It took some time to find the plugin, but once I narrowed it down, uninstalling the plugin did the trick.

    b) $%^$# JavaScript on the web page. To overcome this the NoScript add-on is a must-have. NoScript lets you selectively allow or disallow JavaScript based on URL. On most sites I don't enable any JavaScript, on some sites I enable only the site's own JavaScript (I allow, as an example), and on other sites it takes some trial an error to see which JavaScript is actually required. NoScript lets me either permanently or temporarily enable/disable scripts. (Works wonders on ad scripts and spyware scripts such as google analytics!)

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