Background on setup:

  • New Dell T610 Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit, AD, DC new install
  • Windows 7 64 bit clients with Office 2007 fully updated
  • Users in question have full rights and permissions on network drive

Users on any Windows 7 computer can see and open shared network office files, but when they do a save or save as back to the network the files seem to disappear.

If you look in the shared folder at the server the files are actually there, but now the file permissions for the user that was logged on have been reset so they can no longer see them.

Our previous server was a Windows 2000 SBS server and Windows 7 clients did not have this problem.

If the same user performs tries this while logged into a Vista, or XP client they have no problems opening, saving and seeing their files.

Dell Server technicians have looked at server configuration and stated it is fine.
Dell Client technicians have looked at Win 7 setups and stated they are fine.

Has anyone run into this before, any suggestions would be appreciated.