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    I'm currently working on a Java program to read an exported iTunes playlist and transfer songs to a remote device. I'm building a duplicate checker into it so it will read the remote device to see what songs are already on it. What I need now is a way to read the remote devices Music folder and create a list of file locations for music files (mp3 and m4a) then either store it in a txt file (if the program is outside of java) or store it to a string (if inside of java). I just downloaded a java library for ID3 tag support and my plan is to take this list and gather data with the new library. Within my program I've created a songs class (songs object) that stores a songs location, name, artist, and album. I've also created a compareTo method that determines whether two songs are identical based on all but the location. I've attached a copy of my current data for this project. Feel free to use it as you wish just don't go copyrighting my data on me (I don't know how/probably can't afford to copyright my programs so I just ask that people do the right thing and treat it like gpl). I use eclipse for my projects (just because that's the standard that I learned). If anyone sees a better way of doing any part of this please feel free to say something. I've only been programming java (or any Object Oriented Language for that matter) for around a year and still haven't learned every trick in the book. The program is split into 4 steps:
    Gather info from the playlist
    Gather info from the remote device/Delete duplicates
    Move the data
    Cleanup any extra files made during the program. (like a txt file if I use an external program to find file locations on the remote device).

    Note also: Remote devices like mp3 players don't have drive letters. I haven't actually tried accessing said devices through a program yet though I'm assuming I can still just copy and paste the address bar location (and change \ to either \\ or /).
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