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    Shared Folders Suddenly "This folder is empty" on the sharing PC ??

    I hope I figure out W7 soon...

    I upgraded my wife's office to two (that's 2) W7 systems this past fall, wireless networked through belkin router. Old files used to be on wife's PC now in folder called "H Docs (old PC)" in her public folder. Shared to everybody. This was working up to yesterday.

    Today, on the second PC, her associate opened a folder nested in the main "H Docs (old PC)" folder. Everything appeared to be there. She needed to get a phone number from another file located somewhere else, so she closed the folder while she got it. Came back to the folder - opened it - "this folder is empty" or like that. Closed the folder and opened another - also empty. Back a couple of folders out, selects another folder, opens it and every thing's there. Closed completely out, rebooted - the same. Calls me in.

    I go through much the same, checking paths, checking whether access has been changed - can't find a reason for this. Checked the folder on wife's PC to be sure there's anything there to share - it's all there, thank goodness. (Many files in many folders)

    I'm not at her office now, so can't answer much more about exact conditions, but would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. We're not using "home group" for this. On the left side of the explorer window, I go to network and chase down the path to the folder. If I log on with my admin account, I got an access denied once, got through to the folders in question, picked a different folder - looked like everything was there. Then I went to the folder the associate was getting as empty - it was empty. Went back to the one that looked okay - now it's empty. Rechecked the real folder on wife's PC - it's all there. Logged in as the associate, the same problem.

    I'm flabbergasted, Should I kill the shortcut to the shared folder and start over? Is there a recommended method? Everything I've seen on searches has been about an XP or Vista talking to a W7 PC, but I have 2 W7's! They should have no problems sharing files.



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    Sounds like someone has done something.They are not aware of some where along the line.I can only give you a link that might help.Here it is;How to Geek It's really hard to say what went wrong with out being i the front of the computer's @ hand in your case anyway.
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