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    I'm using Excel XP and recently tried to sort a column of data that was generated by formulas in each cell.

    Say for example Column A has a list of names that are listed in order finishing place in a road race.

    I want to maintain that list while additionally having another list that is sorted alphabetically.

    I thought I could make Cell B1=A1, B2=A2, B3=A3 etc. and then sort column B. However when I try to do DATA, SORT on column B nothing happens.

    I can understand that if you move around the cells in column B the formulas will go with them and muck up the list.

    Obviously I can just COPY/PASTE column A to column B and do the sort but is there a way to do this sort?


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    Instead of copying the names in ColB put a number there representing their finish place. If they are currently in order from 1st to last just type 1 in B1 & 2 in B2 then highlight them both grab the drag handle in lower right hand corner of b2 and drag it down to the last name. You now have the place order so you can sort on Col B when you want the names in place order and sort on Col A when you want them in Alpha order.
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