I installed Win 7 Home Premium over Vista Home Premium (properly updated) in October, successfully. In December, among many other updates recommended automatically from Microsoft was KB2285068 for X64 bit machines to add SQL Server 2008 SP2.

I have an HP Pavilion Elite desktop with 64-bit Quad duo, 8 GB RAM, plenty of hard drive space, and Kaspersky Internet.

I do not know whether I have downloaded SQL Server 2008 or some version of it to run some of my software, or whether it comes with Win 7 by default, so I am not sure why the update was recommended.

I do have some software which is moderately aggressive in terms of in terms of support requirements, such as Maple 13, a symbolic math package and I have downloaded Google Earth, and so forth. Perhaps, I may have been prompted to add SQL Server 2008 to provide necessary support?

Anyway, every time I tried to install this SQL Server 2008 SP2 item, the install was registered as failed. So, I did searches on Bing and Google, and found out that many other users were having and had been having similar problems, apparently related to not having the latest .NET 4.0 installed prior to the SQL Server 2008 SP2 install.

If my understanding is correct, the Win 7 Home Premium install disk loaded .NET 3.5 along with Win 7. Please correct me if I am wrong.

So, I downloaded this .NET 4.0 and installed it successfully, then tried to install the SQL Server 2008 SP2, but got the "failed" message in my log of software updates after each install attempt.

Now, I know from the traffic on Bing and Google that there seem to be many varieties of SQL Server 2008 out there, including the Express version which seems to have been made available to support other software which requires some of these capabilities. So I am actually not completely sure what version I apparently have, as well as why I was prompted to do the update.

What do you think the problem might be? How do you suggest I try to research or sort out this issue?