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    I work at a small church. Most of the people that perform or coordinate maintenance around the church are volunteers and do not work in the office.

    I am trying to come up with a way to create and track maintenance requests that can be shared and was wondering if OneNote would be a good tool for that. I have never used OneNote but have looked at it in the past and am intrigued by it. My thought is to create a system where we could set up a shared account in Windows Live and then have access to the free on-line version of OneNote. The way that I would envision it being used is that someone would see that a light bulb is burned out, they could get on the system and post a maintenance request. This would be forwarded to the responsible parties and then they could update the status, "Fred will replace the bulb a week from Thursday" for example. I am also thinking that we could print a list of work orders so that we know what is pending.

    If everyone was in the office, I would just create, or borrow, an Access database but that is not an option with the online choices. I know I could create something using a spreadsheet but I don't feel that would be the best way to track things. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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    I think OneNote is one of the best ever Microsoft apps. I use it more than any other Office app, Outlook excepted. It is a very well thought out application, with a lot of delicious details to support note taking. I started using it back in 2004, with my first tablet PC and became a fan. I use it mostly for my own personal stuff, so I have no big experience with shared notebooks.

    Do you have anything in mind regarding a specific workflow to use OneNote for your purpose? OneNote will allow sharing of notebooks, will allow you to view the authors of any changes by author and time period, so in that sense, it can be used. However, you must be aware that it won't enforce any "process" or workflow. This will require some careful planning and the need for all participants to be aware of the workflow to use, as everyone will have to need to know what to do in each situation that may arise.

    Not sure this is very helpful, but it can be a starting point for further discussion, if you want.



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    Outlook allows you to create tasts and assign them to others, but this requires an Exchange back end.
    Google Calendars are free and allow sharing of schedules.

    cheers, Paul

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