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    I worked on this spreadsheet about 5 years ago and sent it to the inventory department. Something has changed over the years that is not allowing a smooth conversion to Excel 2007. This is the process:

    The inventory clerk enters the actual amount in column F(Actual)
    When column F(Actual) drops below column G(RO Point), the amount in column H(RO#) is placed in column C(Needed). An (*) is placed in column D(Sort)
    The order is placed and the amount ordered is then entered into column B(Ordered) and column D changes from (*) to "On Order"
    The number of received items is entered into column A(Rec'd) when they arrive.
    This resets the columns and adds the amount received to the number in column F(Actual)

    Can someone please debug this file to work with 2007?

    Thanks for the help.
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