I've been using Skype relatively problem free for a number of years.

However a few weeks ago when I started Skype to dial into a telecon it without warning decided to download and install the latest version (ver 5) of the client. This stopped it from working in as much as I could not be heard on the call. I did a bit of research and discovered that there were problems with this version. So I've managed to reinstall the previous version (ver and disable auto uploads. However the problem persists.

I've looked into it and found that Skype changes the selected Recording device in XPs Recording Control when I answer an incoming call.

My Recording Control has 4 options which are (Line In, Digitale, Microfoon, Jack Microfoon - the laptop was build in Belgium!). I use headphones with microphone plugged into the headphone/mic sockets on the laptop. I've worked out that for me to be heard the Recording Control needs to have the Digitale option selected. However when Skype receives the incoming call it automatically changes selected option to Microfoon and each time I have to change it back. It has only been doing this since ver 5 installed itself.

In Skype in Tools / Options / Audio there is only 1 option in the drop down box for Microphone (IDT audio). Similarly in Windows Sound and Audio Device Properties there is only 1 option for Recording (IDT Audio).

Windows XP
Dell Latitude E6400

Does anyone know how to fix this?