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    I use Windows Mobile 6.5, and sync with my Vista notebook using Windows Mobile Device Center. Every time (and I mean every) that I start my Vista notebook, it insists on loading Windows Media Player, looking for updates, using system resource, and slowing the boot process. How can I remove this practice? I don't use WMP, and don't use my WM device to play music or the like. I've tried program killing add-ons like Task Catcher, but that just means the cats fight in a sack, and consume even more processor time.

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    That's probably because the update file has been placed in the Windows Startup folder, probably in the registry. Use What's In Startup to see what apps are in Windows Startup. All these apps will start with Windows. You may be surprised by all that's in there. Probably 95% of what's there is unneccesary. Use What's In Startup to disable or delete all the extra junk and see how much faster your boot is.

    As an example, on my PC there are only 4 extra apps in my boot process, My AV/AM app (MSE), my Alps Touchpad app (laptop), a Windows Firewall control app, and an app that allows me to text from my PC through my Blackberry. That's it , nothing else. Whenever you install an app it almost always adds itself to Windows Startup, which is a real slow down. All these back ground apps use system resources.

    Another thread in the Vista forum discusses a similar situation. Post #51 in that thread shows What's In Startup. Vista and Win 7 are very similar in this respect.
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