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    Would someone please help me by checking my rank table in my database? Please let me know if you feel it setup properly and that the formulas work efficiently.

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    The one problem Iím having is that when the rank reaches its max number it just starts putting in the total number of records for the entire table. So say I have 750 records and all the rest have 0, it would put the total number of fields in all the 0 fields. I would like it to just match the last record with a count then add one. So if the last record was 750, all the zeroís would be 751.

    Second thing I was hoping you have look at for me. Some times the rank jumped form 125-135, when if it was ranking correctly it would go from 125 to 126 and so on.

    I greatly appreciate your time with helping me with this issue, and help me with a better understanding of how I can work with access in a more efficient way.

    If you feel there is a better way for me to do anything in this database, please donít hesitate to express your thoughts.

    Thanks again
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    I haven't downloaded you database because I'm very untrusting about such things - sorry! But here's some suggestions based on your description:

    Rank 0 as one greater than no of records: try something like "iif([field]=0,rank(....)+1,rank(....))"

    Gaps in Rank: Normally this happens where several records have the same rank, its just the way ranking works. You have to designate another way to resolve the ties.


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