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    I work on legal forms that are merged from a database. Because VBA is stripped out during the merge, I am trying to use the ASK field to display a message to the user. I know it's not designed for that but I am unable to alert a user any other way.

    The ASK prompt box displays before the Word document opens. When OK is clicked on the prompt box, the merged document opens a print-preview view, that is, no toolbars display. Nothing can be done at that point to edit or save the document. Why is that happening? I've checked and unchecked the Ask Once box in the ASK field dialog box.

    I also was thinking about placing a message box macro in the global template but how is the VBA written to look for the Name field in doc properties? If Yes, display the message box (not all forms need the message box).


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    Hi charlie,

    I think we'd need to see the vba code you're using, as that may be where the problem lies. Also, since you're using vba, I don't see why you couldn't use either an inputbox or a messagebox, depending on what you're trying to use the ASK field for.

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