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    running Outlook 2007 sp2 under Windows XP sp3.

    I have a user who prints to networked Lexmark T645 printer. The body text of the email, which looks fine on screen and in print preview, is rotated through 90 degrees when sent to the printer. The email header is normal. if the same email is sent to another identically (as far as i can tell) configured T645 printer then it prints perfectly.

    if the email is printed to a file, and then sent to the errant printer, it comes out perfectly.
    if the email is printed from a webmail service, it prints fine as well.

    there's *something* amiss with the Outlook configuration but I'm unable to spot anything obvious.

    anyone any ideas where the problem might be?


    York, UK

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    There's a couple of places I might look. First, take a look at the Print Style when you bring up the Print Dialog box (default is Memo Style). Hit the Page Setup there and see what the Orientation is set as on the Paper tab. Secondly, look at the Properties for the printer by clicking the Properties button next to the selected Printer. Depending on your print driver this dialog box varies greatly. You should see something about Finishing, or maybe even under a Paper tab. See if there's an Orientation setting there. Some software can save your printer preferences and use them again for the printer. My guess is that the setting was changed and is now being recalled when printing again.

    Hope this helps.

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