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    I have created a new Public Folder address book, into which I will be inputting expert witness information. Each expert will have one or two "Categories" - e.g., anesthesiologist; geriatrician, etc. - so that users can search for an expert by speciality. Many users will be inputting expert contacts into this address book.

    (1) Is there a way to create a "drop down list" of Categories for people to use to input the speciality when entering a new expert contact? (This would keep the specialty names standardized and limited to a smaller number of categories.)

    (2) How can I make the "Categories" I have created on my PC available to other users on the network? (I created "Geriatrician" and "Anesthesiologist" under the Categorize list by renaming 2 of the existing categories, but when I went to a different PC to test, only the default categories showed up.

    I really appreciate any help - thank you in advance!

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    Re 1, assuming you can manage permissions the Public Folder Contacts, restrict entries to the folder to your selected users you want entering data to this Contact Folder, and then create a menu item that calls this simple code and ask them to use it:

    If Inspectors.Count Then ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.ShowCategoriesDialog
    However, you can't prevent them from creating other Categories using the conventional method of adding categories to Contacts unless you customize the Form so the field is maintained but not displayed.

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