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    After installing all the latest patches from Microsoft that were issued yesterday (1/11/11) my desktop disappears when waking from a screen saver. I run BOINC which automatically runs as the screen saver. What happened twice today is after I left the computer running and went back to it my desktop would not come back. Ordinarily when I move the mouse the screen saver goes away and my desktop re-appears. Today when I move the mouse the screen saver animation stops but it just sits there. The only key that would work is the Windows key, but I could not right click on open programs and close their windows to shut them down. I could not even do Ctrl-Alt-Del. Iíve made no changes to BOINC. It has run just fine until I put the patches on today.

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    Do a system restore to a point prion to the Windows Updates. Then install them one at a time to identify the problem update.


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