My computer is configured with XP SP-3 and IE-8. I have been using Outlook Express 6.0 (updated by MS as required). The messages have always printed properly. Lately, however, the message body prints directly under the subject line with no line-space between them. This occurs on both my Brother laser printer and my HP ink-jet printer. I have not changed my printer settings. I did recently update from IE-7 to IE-8; however, I can find nothing in the settings of IE-8 to explain this change in print format. I did recently install Apple's "MobileMe" control panel, which installed a separate set of folders within the list of folders under OE-6. I did a clean uninstall (using Revo Uninstaller) of the MobileMe control panel, deleted the added mail account/folders, and rebooted. However, the print problem remains.

How do I get back the old format of a line-space between subject and message body?