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    I have been suffering for months with sets of three flashes of MSDOS panels interrupting whatever I'm working on. They are like unsolicited alerts written against the command prompt. I think the third is always just the command prompt. The sets are spaced from half an hour apart to many hours apart. Each interruption lasts far less than a tenth of a second. The interruptions come at intervals ranging from a second to several minutes, but I have finally been quick enough with print-screen to see where the trouble originates: Microsoft Installer.


    Please see the attached image and tell me what to do about it.
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    All help gratefully received!

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    Microsoft Installer is just a mule. Somewhere you have a program installing, or re-installing when the machine is running.
    Check the Event Viewer, Application log to see if the program leaves traces in there.
    Also check the file C:\Windows\Installer\msi58.tmp to see what program it is - hover over the file to see the details.

    cheers, Paul

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