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    Hello All:

    I'm new here and got a few questions--OK a lot of questions.

    I have IE-8 and Fire Fox on my PC, can Chrome be loaded on the same PC or will that create problems?? (I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate)

    I pay my utility bill on line with IE-8 but when I go there with Fire Fox it says I have to download Adobe Flash Player 9.0.124 or greater in order to view that page. Why? Should I download Flash Player or just use IE-8 for that site?

    I have Fire Fox set as my default browser but have read that Windows Automatic Updates come through IE only. With Fire Fox set as default will I still receive the Automatic Updates?

    Thanks in advance for help on these issues.

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    Hi Glenn

    Welcome to the Lounge.

    Let's address your questions one by one:

    1. You can have the 3 browsers installed. I have the 3 of them in the 2 PCs I use regularly.

    2. Flash needs to be installed on each browser you plan to use. So if you install Flash on IE, that won't allow you to view flash parts of websites when using firefox. If you want to add Flash to Firefox, visit the Adobe Flash download page using Firefox (download it from the Adobe website, that will ensure you will get the latest version). Whether you should install it on Firefix or not is your decision. If you use Firefox to visit websites that use Flash, likely you should install it.

    3. As long as you have IE installed, the browser that you use as a default browser won't affect Windows updates.

    Best regards


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    I think Chrome has Flash built-in with easy updates. There is no need to install Flash in Chrome, it is already there..

    Chrome is Flash ready!!!
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    I pay most of my bills online through my bank website. I can do so with either IE (I use IE 9 beta) or Chrome (I use Chrome 9 beta). I do not have FF installed. Gave up on it a while ago. Both of these browsers are very secure and I feel comfortable using either for this process. I have chosen to use IE 9 beta as default. It seems to be as quick as Chrome and Chrome seems to have a problem refreshing the Lounge automatically when I use my browser back button. I have to manually refresh pages, and this little irritation makes a difference to me.

    Be sure to keep Adobe Flash updated to the latest version. It has chronically been insecure and allowed many attacks from the jerks out there. Most of the updates to Adobe products seem to be to fix security issues.
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