I'm looking for a parental controls type of application. I'd like the capability to monitor web activity (where, downloads, etc), chatting, emails, computer use (how long on internet or how much time doing email, what apps are run), and to set restrictions on which apps when, what web sites, etc.

I'd also like the information available to me remotely so I don't have to sit down at each of the computers (e.g. email or web-based console).

I've been looking around the net for various solutions; it's not that I can't find solutions, it's that I'm looking for your experiences. Why does one work or not work for you. I found only one other post in these forums (2002).

I installed the free K9 but it doesn't provide the information remotely (well, it does via email but I think you have to sub$cribe to a gateway and I'm not that sure that gateway is the route I want to take).

In the past I have opted not to monitor this quite so closely; however, some recent events have changed my mind leaving me much more concerned.

Thank you for any help you can provide.