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    Using external schemas to publish from Access

    Greetings. Having never tried to export XML from Access before, I am having problems. I have set up a number of relational tables, and I want to export them according to an externally published schema ( if you are at all interested).

    However, I only seem to be able to export one table at a time (plus any tables linked through the relationship), and then only to the Access schema - I cannot get it to reference the external schema at all. Even then, when I do it in parts and try and reunite them later, I discovered that certain fields such as CreationDateAndTime, which are attributes in the schema, are exported as elements in the XML. In fact, I spent so much time trying to manipulate it in an XML editor that I might just as well have created it by hand there!

    So what am I doing wrong? Or do I have to write a transform for it, or program it up in VBA? Thanks.


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    I don't think Access can use an external schema. Only did this once, on Access 2007 and the solution I found back then was to write VBA to output the data according to the external schema.

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