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    Word 2010 Show comments in balloons all the time

    We frequently use Track Changes and Comments (Word 2010) in our documents. I set the Track Changes Options to not track formatting and set Balloons to "Only for comments/formatting." This causes the tracked changes to be shown inline, which is what I want to see. The thing is, I do not want to see the balloons for formatting changes, I only want to see balloons for comments. So, in the "Show Markup" drop down, I uncheck "Formatting." This gives me the appearance I want. However, I occasionally need to turn Track Changes off to make an edit that I do not want to show as a tracked change. When I turn Track Changes on again, the balloons for formatting reappear! I then have to go back to the Show Markup drop down and uncheck "Formatting" again. Is there any way to change Word 2010's behavior so that I show only comments in balloons and it stays that way? It would be nice if the Track Changes Options dialogue included a choice for comments only. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    I'm still using an older version of Office, so I don't know whether the behavior you describe is the only option, or perhaps a bug.

    Hopefully someone will have a better solution, but... Whenever you have to string multiple steps together, it could be a good time to create a macro. If you turn on the display of the developer tab, you should be able to record the steps of turning tracked changes on and then setting the preferred option.

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