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    Another AV \ AM FreeWare list

    Hello all,
    Just in case some of ya-all missed it... this one looks pretty good. Regards Fred

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    Its only an updated list J P F but does not explain whats been updated.
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    What's new on this list

    I react to every correction and suggestion, although I may not answer all of them explicitely. This list is updated approximately twice a week, if needed. So, if your suggestion does not appear to the list immediately, it does not mean it has been omitted.

    25.9.2010 SpamFence 4.10.2010 Four online scanners, Filesanywhere 6.10.2010 Command line scanners 10.10.2010 Namebench, Rohos, Avert 16.10.2010 Folder Pasword Expert 20.10.10 Dell Kace Safe Browser, Evalaze 25.10.10 360Amigo 29.10.10 Backup Maker, Datasafe, Hiren's boot cd 31.10.10 USBflashcopy,, ArcaVir Scanner 2.11.10 OLT, SMAC, OTLPEStd 3.11.10 Startup monitor, SpyCatcher, Puran defrag 7.11.10 Quttera 10.11.10 TMAC 13.11.10 Softperfect firewall 27.11.10 System Spec, Speccy, SF diagnostic tool 1.12.10 System monitoring gadgets 3.12.10 Agnitum Outpost Security Suite 4.12.10 FreeFixer, Malware Protector, Wormblaster 11.12.10 RockXP, Bootsafe, Secured2k's, LicenseCrawler, LookInMyPC 12.12.10 Winaudit, AutoPatcher, Windows Updates Downloader, WSUS Offline Update, Admin Swiss Knife Suite, TechTools, NirLauncher, WSCC - Windows System Control Center 13-12-10 PageDefrag, WinASO RegDefrag, Quicksys RegDefrag, WinMend Registry Defrag, Simnet Registry Defrag, Registry Life, PowerTools Lite 14-12-10 SIV, Re-Enable 16-12-10 several fixing tools, FoolDNS 20-12-20 VBA32 Check, Undelete 360 23-12-10 Astaro Security Gateway, myUpload 25-10-10 FileDropper, Hotfile, Mediafire, Multiupload 4-1-11 Keriver, Pale Moon, Norton Safeweb, Torrent Virusguard, Megaupload, Trustable Downloader, CallingID, Beef Taco, CMC Infosec, Spybot portable, 9-1-11 Digital Defender, Defensio 14-1-11 Scroogle, Startpage, Duckduckgo 15-1-11 McShield 20-1-11 Liberkey, Roguefix
    It's way down the page, would be better to have it linked at the top?

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